From Home to Enterprise Solutions

AXIS Companion video management software

 Video surveillance made simple

  • Easy and intuitive surveillance
  • Secure remote access to video
  • Mobile app for freedom of use
  • Quick, simplified system set-up
  • Scalable and future proof

 Optimized for basic surveillance needs

AXIS Companion video management software is designed for small businesses needing to monitor their premises, people and assets. It offers quick and easy system setup and intuitive operation. 

AXIS A8105-E Network Video Door Station

Keep your premises secure

With AXIS A8105-E you get clear communication, high-quality video surveillance, and convenient remote entry control all in a single unit. You can see, talk to, identify, and then open the door to visitors directly or remotely from wherever you are. You can use your cell phone, IP phone or Video Management System (VMS) to do it. 

Small and convenient

Measuring only 48 mm (1.89 in.) across, AXIS A8105-E fits where you want it to go – on walls, doorframes and mullions. A flush mounting accessory enables recessed mounting in walls. AXIS A8105-E also features Axis’ Digital Corridor Format, which makes it easy to adjust the viewing area to the location and increase the vertical area of view. Factory focus and support for PoE make installation fast and flexible, keeping costs low. 

AXIS M2026-LE Mk II Network Camera

Affordable Axis excellence

 M2026-LE Mk II Network Camera is a small bullet camera that offers Axis excellence at a surprisingly affordable price. It has built-in IR illumination and 4MP / Quad HD 1440p video quality, and it’s a perfect choice when you need small, easy-to-install cameras both outdoors and in. The camera is available in both black and white.

With its built-in IR LEDs and 4 MP / Quad HD 1440p image quality, M2026-LE Mk II delivers high-resolution surveillance even in the dark. A single camera covers a wide 130° horizontal field of view, which helps keep costs low. WDR – Dynamic Capture ensures optimized footage of backlit scenes.  And for monitoring long, narrow areas, Axis Corridor Format provides a "portrait"-shaped video stream that maximizes image quality and eliminates bandwidth and storage waste.

AXIS Companion IP cameras

Features for image usability and storage efficiency

  • HDTV 1080p video quality and 2 MP resolution for image usability
  • WDR to handle scenes with complex light conditions
  • PoE for network connectivity and electrical power with a single cable
  • Built-in micro-SDHC memory card slot for edge storage
  • Support for Axis’ Zipstream technology for bandwidth and storage savings

Which camera model should you get?  AXIS Companion IP cameras have common features that deliver high image quality and reliable operation.  

Axis Large-scale systems

Take security to the next level

Keep your large or complex site safe with an advanced security and surveillance solution based on Axis’ open IP products. Combine them with hardware and software from our wide range of partners to create a customized or specialized solution that meets your business and operational needs – whether it is for an airport, public transportation, city surveillance, or any other complex installation.

Will it work for you?

Yes. All of our solutions are designed with open IP standards that mean they can easily connect with your existing IT equipment. They’re flexible and scalable, and will work out of the box with your network, routers, screens, computers, tablets and smartphones.

Increased security with partner software

Protect your business with an end-to-end security solution backed up by purpose built software from the largest partner program in the industry. At Axis, we have the widest partner program in the industry, ensuring easy integration of any Axis product.

Axis partners provide video management and security solutions for any industry or application. Our partners range from specialized analytics vendors to suppliers of large-scale video management and access control systems that can include thousands of cameras. Because we work with so many expert companies, you are certain to find a high-quality video and security solution that meets your requirements. 

Manage and secure your system

Axis offers a number of tools for designing and managing your large-scale system. This includes our free AXIS Camera Management tool which makes it simple to maintain and upgrade the functionality of all your cameras, even in the very largest of installations.

Axis follows the industry’s best practices in managing and responding to security vulnerabilities with our products to minimize customers’ exposure to cyber risks. Axis hardening guidelines and reports help you improve system performance and minimizing risks in your IP surveillance system.