Technology seems to evolve at a faster pace every day. And with every new step financial institutions take – from adding more ATMs and self-service stations to enabling mobile banking – criminals try new ways to circumvent security measures. 

Hotels & restaurants

 If you work in a fast food restaurant, you’ve got a lot on your mind. It’s fast paced, there are long lines in the restaurant and the drive through. Then you also need to keep an eye out for things like sweethearters and credit card fraud. And that’s before you even think about turning a profit. What if you could get help with it all? 


 Dealing with security in casinos is a multifaceted task. Not only do you need to safeguard your games, but you need to protect your assets while conforming to often strict gaming regulations. With the added challenges of difficult lighting, high ceilings, as well as your need for capturing the smallest of varying shapes and colors, Let NIS get you ahead of the game. 


 From congestion and stopped vehicles to serious accidents and extreme weather, we understand your everyday traffic management challenges. In order to keep the traffic moving as smooth as possible, you constantly need the very latest information at hand.


When healthcare is information-driven, data is interconnected and available when and where it is needed to save lives. Data becomes knowledge and moves healthcare beyond episodic care to preventative, precision medicine. And data ultimately allows patients to take control of their own health. 

Critical Perimeter protection

 The solution can easily be integrated with other IP cameras, flood lights, loudspeakers and existing security systems for optimal performance. 

Axis  perimeter protection solutions are based on thermal cameras with built-in video analytics software. They can “see” in complete darkness and provide automatic alerts when a person enters a pre-defined area within the camera’s field-of-view. This makes it possible to acknowledge suspect activity already before intrusion, and to visually verify what’s going on before taking relevant action. 

Increase store safety, efficiency and profitability

 How can you get more out of your store?Gain benefits from intelligent store technology for:

  • Loss prevention: Combat inventory shrinkage, point-of-sale fraud, shoplifting and theft
  • Store optimization: Convert more in-store sales opportunities and enhance customer experience by improving store layouts, staff planning, and targeted advertising
  • Safety & security: Maintain a safe, secure environment for your customers and staff These are some of the ways Axis solutions can help retail stores to minimiz

Axis 60 seconds: Video analytics

Business intelligence Analytics

Axis video analytics applications enable proactive surveillance, helping your security staff protect your property by detecting and deterring crime. The applications can, for example, detect trespassers or loiterers and automatically notify a guard or play a message over a loudspeaker. The edge-based applications are scalable and help reduce bandwidth and storage use by sending and recording only video that is of interest.

Axis 60 seconds: Wide dynamic range


Big difference between the darkest and the brightest spots in a scene?

It’s called wide dynamic range, and it can spell trouble for image usability and clarity. Fortunately, Axis cameras with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology make the difference between seeing important forensic details clearly, and seeing nothing but a blur.

Without WDR technology, images may be underexposed or overexposed, making it impossible to identify objects and people.